girls day: pottery painting

Once a month, the girls and I get together and spend an entire day blowing off our lives, leaving our men, and just spending some good old fashioned time together.  My girls and I have been friends since the beginning of college, and we lived across the hall together, sometimes in the same room, and spent most of our waking lives together for four years.  So, it seems only fitting that we get together as much as possible to catch up, and drink up.

This time, we decided that instead of going shopping, or sitting around and just straight up drinking, we were going to do something fun and creative.  So, we came up with the idea to go to one of those paint-your-own-pottery places and take a shot at that.  And we could bring our own wine.  So why not?

We took the day and went to Downers Grove for a little pottery painting at Glazed Expressions.

photo 1

Minus the cannabis double entendre, it was so much fun.  We had the entire place to ourselves, which was probably best, since we rarely watch our language, and tend to get a little out of hand.  None of us have ever done anything like this, and the painting ability between the four of us is really just finger painting.  But we did our best.  I couldn’t live without the teapot.  I’ve just started recently drinking tea, and I have been looking for a cute teapot.  Well, here it is!  Now is my chance to make it.  And in my overzealousness, I decided to attempt ombre.  Here’s how it turned out:

photo 2

They said after about a week it would be ready to go.  I was nervous to leave it, and definitely not sure how it would look in the end, but it was a blast.  We drank, we attempted painting, we gossiped, we enjoyed trying something different this time around.

And after a week, here’s the finished product:

photo 3

It turned out pretty well for my first attempt ever.  It’s definitely something I’d do again.  It has inspired us all to try new things and think outside the box for girls day.  We only have one stipulation:  there will be wine.

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