museum of science and industry.

As per tradition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, there is Christmas Around the World display there, that I wanted to check out. Coincidentally, there was also an exhibit on the history of Walt Disney that I had to see. I mentioned it a few times to Jeremy, and that crazy devil went and got me tickets for it. That, and tickets for the WOW tour, and the Omnimax Flight of the Butterflies movie. What an absolute doll.

It was a great day. Our day started with a tour at 10:30 with our quirky and corny tour guide named Nate. He was hilarious, and after the initial first few minutes of awkwardness, turned out to be a great tour guide, with a bow tie. We got to see some great behind the scenes stuff. Here are some photos:







And then came the best part of the day: the 12:30 tour of the Magic of Walt Disney. I have been a tried and true Disney fan my whole life; believing in all the magic he set out to create. I have loved every movie I’ve seen, memorizing and reciting the lines of the movies my whole life. I drink my coffee everyday out of a Disney coffee mug!! I LOVE Disney. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures inside, but the entrance was fair game.


All in all, it was an amazing day. I was glad to spend all day with Jeremy, acting like all the little kids we were surrounded by. It’s nice to take time to do things together, and step back from the stress of everyday. If you want a full day escape (because we spent about six hours there), head out to a museum. It’ll be a blast.

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