After our little Museum excursion, Jeremy and I went out for an early dinner date together.  My cousin Sarah lives in the Hyde Park area, only minutes away from the Museum of Science and Industry.  She suggested we head over to a place called Chant.


Chant is a globally inspired restaurant tucked into the small neighborhood of Hyde Park.  A cute and cozy interior, with a strange modge podge of Japanese, Chinese, and decor from around the world.  It is here that I tried my first ever frog legs.  Yes, you read that correctly:  frog legs.  I was always told that they taste like chicken, but I have to say that they are sweeter than chicken, but absolutely delicious.  The breading was spicy and flavorful and the dipping sauce was amazing.  It was thoroughly enjoyable, as first experiences go.

crispy frog lets

We also  tried the lobster ragoons.  Jeremy was more partial to these than I, since I was enjoying my first experience with frog legs.  But, they were creamy and hot and crispy.  The dipping sauce was also great.  I think the lobster to cream cheese ratio was a little off, but still a decadent snack.

lobster ragoons

And lastly, the main event.  My entree there was a big toss up for me.  I was debating on a couple different seafood options, but ultimately settled on the Vietnamese BBQ Mahi Mahi.  This dish was everything.  The fish, first off, was flaky and delicious.  I never even needed to pick up my knife; the fish just fell apart. It was sauced with a spicy, but flavorful bbq sauce that gave the white, tasteless fish everything it needed.  The rice was soft and fluffy, and when mixed in with the extra sauce from the fish, gave it a spicy flavor as well.  It was topped with cabbage, carrot, and mushroom slaw.  It was the perfect accompaniment to the soft fish and rice.  It was a crispy and fresh and clean burst with every bite.  I would go back and eat this again, without question.  It was delicious.  I most definitely cleaned my plate.


Now, being the new year, and the new ambition I have for blogging, my silly self forgot to take pictures while we were out.  Photo credits go out to both the Chant website and Yelp for the photos used in this post.  I promise to be more thoughtful in the future, and keep my phone out during dates, to capture my photos for these posts. Haha.

Bon Apetit, everyone!

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