motivation plan.

A new year brings new hopes, dreams, and a feeling of a fresh start. Being nowhere above the fray, I too have vowed that 2015 will be a year to get fit and healthy, and hopefully, back down to a size that fits comfortably into all the clothes I already own. So, maybe it’s also a money saving resolution, so I don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe.

But in all seriousness, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve realized it’s now or never with my health. Health habits are developed young, and being an active athlete growing up, both swimming and doing other activities, being born naturally skinny, and never having to watch what I eat has taught me that I don’t have to monitor my health. Until now.

There are no excuses anymore. After swimming regularly from age five to graduating college, I felt I deserved a much needed break. Almost five years later, my laziness has taken it’s toll. I have to pull it together.

With 2015, I have found an exercise plan I can follow. Well, more correctly, I’ve found a motivation plan I can follow. I got myself a calendar, and some stickers, and away my twelve year old self goes! Yes, folks, like potty training, I got myself a workout sticker chart. But to jazz it up, I bought wine glass and wine bottle shaped stickers. Even better! I cut the stickers apart so I can assemble little pictures across the month. Who wouldn’t love that? I have to stay with it, or my picture won’t turn out.
SPOILER ALERT: you may also need to be OCD for this method to work.

So, my wine collage is developing, and the second step is eating light. Tonight, as part of my eat light menu I made a garlic and lemon roasted chicken breast (sans skin), and some crispy crunchy kale to go with it. If I’m honest, the kale was the best part.


I’m six days in, and can honestly say that although outwardly I appear the same (unfortunately), inwardly I feel a million times better. Regular exercise and a lighter diet makes me feel lighter. I am feeling more confident that this time, this year, will be different than the ones before.

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