ramen san.

There is little else that will make me happier than food. And if I have to choose a specific cuisine, I’m going with Asian. I love Asian food.

Back when I lived in Madison, alone, with a much better paying job, I used to do Thai food Thursdays and sample Thai food from all over the city. Now, with my significant salary change, I don’t get to do it that often. However, when asked where I’d like to go to sinner by Jeremy on any given Saturday night, the answer will almost always be somewhere where the cuisine is Asian.

And this weekend was no different. Going out to celebrate a birthday of a friend of ours in the city, I wanted to try a ramen place down on Hubbard called Ramen San. They only serve ramen dishes, of all varieties, and a few appetizers. The menu is small, clear, and honestly makes your dining decisions easy and quick. I like that. Places with menus like novels make me nervous and indecisive.

We started off with some peking duck steamed buns. The buns were amazingly soft and the duck was to die for. I will precurse this whole thing by saying there was not much conversation at dinner, and we were done faster than most (good) dates should ever be. Everything was amazing.

For my entree I ordered the tonkotsu ramen: a pork broth with pork belly, and the infamous molten egg. It was not too salty, and the pork belly was tender and juicy. Everything about it was fabulous, and like I said, I rarely looked up from my bowl until it was done. p


When the meal was over, Jeremy looked at me and said, “I’d come back here.” This is a big deal, folks, because rarely do we encounter places we want to return to. With the culinary scene in Chicago, there are too many places to visit and try. So when one makes the return list, you know it’s good.

If you’re in the downtown Chicago area, and you’re digging a bowl of hot noodles, walk, ride, swim, down to Ramen San. You will be happy you did.

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