The beginning of 2015 means a brand new start for many things.  Since I did not win the coin toss last year, and we are still living in the apartment we are living in now.  The walls in this apartment are oh, so beige.  It’s disgusting.  I call it my beige prison when Jeremy and I fight.  However, since our lease ends in October (which I realize is ten months away), I don’t know if it’s worth it to put any effort in to decorating.  I’ve come to an impasse.

Ten months is a long time.  And it’s a long time to look at these beige walls, and absolutely hate where I’m living.  I honestly think I wouldn’t dislike it so much if it was my own place.  I have so many ideas, and am really just unsure how to proceed.  To paint, or not to paint!  That is the question.  To request the hardwood floors under my carpet, or to not request the hardwood floors!  That is the question.  To hang curtains in the living room, or not hang curtains in the living room!  That is the question.  If I’m going to do it, I should do it now.

And I have so many ideas (Thank you, Pinterest!)! I need something to do with my life, especially on Tuesdays.  But, redecorating is expensive.  I’m trying to do it on a budget.  I’ve been trying to think of ways to make it cheaper, and come up with some DIY activities for myself.  But, before I can start, the big decision is whether I should start!

Ultimately, I do not want to stay in this area.  Jeremy and I both want to move.  So, folks, I’m asking:  do I suffer through the next ten months in my beige prison, or do I try to make this place beautiful and put my all into it-the ideas are endless and unceasing?

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