apartment hunting.

We have a mouse problem. And we have had a mouse problem for a long time. We are trying to get out of here. I feel like everything I touch is covered in mouse poop. It’s gross.

We have attempted to find a new place to live. And our search began today. We had a list of five places that are more corporate, business owned apartment communities. We thought we’d start there. It seemed like we might have more options. There really isn’t a group that finds individual apartments in the suburbs.

When I picture my perfect apartment, it’s a bit industrial, maybe open pipes or exposed brick. It has to have character and something romantically charming and old about it. Hardwood floors, and some tall ceilings. I’d like to be downtown above a business, within walking distance of a cute little cafe. But dreams are dreams.

Well, these places do not exist in these corporate apartment buildings. They are all cookie cutter, and extremely over priced. There is one place I have my sights on. It’s an old factory converted into apartment buildings. It’s what we’re looking for, but a bit out of our price range.

This week, we are going to look at those individual small apartments above my downtown store fronts. I am so hopeful, and very excited. I don’t want to jinx it, but there’s a very prospective, extremely affordable one across the street from The Corner House. I have all my limbs crossed. Here’s hoping to a new place, a brighter future, and a happier tomorrow.

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