homemade noodle bowl.

All my cooking magazines say this is the year of broth. I am beyond ecstatic at this prediction. I love brothy soups and meals. And I am excited to make it my own in my own kitchen!

Not too long ago, Jeremy and I went to Ramen San for our first taste of this new year. It was so great. But I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and have been looking forward to diving into my own interpretations of the ramen noodle bowl.

And tonight was the night! I have been trying my best to break from my intense recipe following and try my own thing. I decided dried mushrooms were the way to go, chicken broth, roasted chicken, classic $.99 ramen noodles, and the leftover kale in my fridge.

I started with a base of two garlic cloves, minced. I sautéed them in a little olive oil until they were fragrant. Then I added about two tablespoons of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil, each and just let that get warm. Sesame oil smells so good when it heats. I then added a container of chicken stock, and a good amount of soy sauce (maybe a 1/4 cup. I love a salty broth). And, for the final kick, a shake of red pepper flakes.

I was roasting the chicken in the oven while this was happening. A sprinkle of salt and pepper on a sheet tray, and a 350 degree oven while I worked on the stove top. Flipped once after about 10-12 minutes.

When the ingredients all came together, I out the broth to a simmer. Once simmering, I added a handful of dried morel mushrooms. Maybe an odd choice, but the selection at the store was few, and growing up in the country we picked morels in the backyard and sautéed them with butter. I know they have a deep earthy flavor and would give the broth some body. I let those sit in my broth for a few minutes reconstituting.

And then came the ramen packets. I opened each one, and let it simmer in the broth. I pulled the noodles out, with a few mushrooms, and added the next packet of noodles. Once those were cooked, I added the kale to the broth, simmered for a minute, and ladled the broth, kale and mushrooms over the top of my fantastically cooked noodles. I sliced up the chicken, and topped this bad boy all off. Delicious, and beautiful.


I will admit that I tried to soft boil an egg. I’ve never done it, but I was definitely feeling rushed, and didn’t cook my eggs enough. So, there was no egg, but for my first time, it was totally delicious.

Seriously, it was amazing. Jeremy and I were super happy with it, and it was cheap, easy and fast. Try to make your own ramen, my friends. It is fun.

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1 Response to homemade noodle bowl.

  1. This is awesome! I grew up in a half Japanese household, so I respect the broth. Hope this really is the year!

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