oh, rats.

Well. You’ve been told already. We have mice in our apartment. Here’s the truth: these mice may be more than mice. These mice may be rats.

Saturday night I put the mouse traps out. I lined those mouse traps with some food bait. I thought we’d for sure catch these buggers, and this would be over. Turns out, I just fed the mice because they are so big, they can reach over the mouse traps, and grab the food without stepping on the major sticky pad.

My friends, this is disgusting. I can’t even. It’s beyond anything that’s remotely ok. And on top of it, maintenance came to our place to fill the hole in the wall that the mice are definitely not coming through. It’s been plugged with steel wool for two weeks, and the steel wool hasn’t moved or come out. So, the mouse/rat problem remains.

Keep your eye out for our move. I may be off the grid for a while, as we figure this out (I anticipate this happening fast), so I apologize.

But, I’m back in the classroom, officially enrolled in some grad school classes, and this new fresh start will be appreciated. I hope this January nightmare ends soon.

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