book update.

I have fallen behind a bit on my reading. But I’ve tried to make up for it in the last two weeks. I’ve finished two books lately: Women of the Silk and Eleanor and Park.

Women of the Silk was given to me by my cousin for Christmas. Although I’m sure it was a book she didn’t want anymore, and just gave to me, it was an interesting read. Set in 1920’s China, it was an eye opening experience to a completely different culture. Our main character is a young girl sold to a silk factory by her parents. It isn’t clear whether the family made any money from the sale of their daughter, but they do get a small cut of her pay. In this factory she experiences the sparks of feminism running through the underbelly of the country as she grows into her own. Themes of strong feminine ties, sisterhood, and strength fuel this amazing story. An interesting read.


The book I just finished today was Eleanor and Park. Rainbow Rowell creates a beautiful story told from two perspectives of teenage kids in Omaha. Park is Asian American, and struggles to find his place with his friends, his family, and himself. Eleanor is a chubby red haired girl growing up in an abusive home, with several brothers and sisters, and a mom who has given up on them. Her abusive stepdad has invaded every part of her life, and she shuts herself off from everything to get away from it.

One fateful first day of school places them next to each other on the bus, and a love stronger than words blossoms from their new seating arrangement. Park discovers how to take control of his identity and Eleanor learns to love, and trust, and take control.

This book was amazing. I can not recommend it any higher. It reminded me of what first love feels like, and it tugged at my heartstrings. It is a fantastic read. Even my coffee fell in live with this book.


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