my first cooking class.

So our school has a wellness group that puts on all kinds of activities for the staff. They organize yoga instructors, do bowling nights, put together runs and walks, and they decided this month to have us all go to a cooking class!

Um, hello?!? Sign me up!

Well, actually, I signed myself up and went this evening. There were lots of healthy salads and recipes on the menu to eat. All of them looked amazing. The instructor was trying to keep it simple and easy for all of us busy teachers.

This would be my first cooking class. I know Jeremy got me gift certificates to go for Christmas, but I’ve actually been super nervous. I feel really self conscious and worry about whether or not I can actually do it. I realize I cook all the time at home, and would more than likely be fine, but something really has held me back.

Although I had to pay a little bit for this class, I thought doing it with colleagues might take the pressure off. So I signed up. First of all, it was my first time in a semi-professional kitchen. I was all butterflies and jitters. I brought my own apron. Second, I was right about having the pressure taken off. I am amazed at how little people know how to cook. Either they all have fabulous spouses who whip stuff up, or America really does eat frozen meals every night (ew, yuck).

There was a beautiful ratatouille dish that the instructor said would take two people to cook. After everyone had picked what they wanted to so (I wanted to make the pinto bean sliders, but alas…), I was left flying solo on the ratatouille. I wasn’t worried about it, but I think the instructor was. And not knowing my culinary history, she could be.

I rocked the house. I had sauce done, in the pan, veggies cut and laid in beautiful rows in about ten minutes. I cut parchment paper, layered it on top, and boom. I was done. I actually couldn’t believe it. The ladies next to me looked at me like I was crazy.

So, I meandered a bit, helped out the two ladies making the soup, assisted the lady making farro salad, helped the lady making jar salads with her quinoa, taught another lady a simpler way to cut avocados, and waited for my ratatouille to finish baking.

It was fun, but I honestly wish I could have cooked all the dishes. The pinto bean burgers were my favorite. They were delicious. I will be making those at home.

When I get all the recipes, I’ll try to remember to post them. I don’t have pictures, because I was doing the cooking, but I do have the link to the baked ratatouille I made tonight.

Baked Ratatouille

My fear of embarrassing myself at cooking class is gone. The instructor told me anytime I want to come and help out (I’m sure she means dishes), she’d give me free cooking classes. But maybe it’s a foot in the door? They do catering. Fun summer job? Future career? I don’t know. But being in that beautiful, shiny kitchen today was super fun. And I had a blast.

Guess I better go check the cooking class schedule!!

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