blackberry market.

Jeremy and I went to Blackberry Market for breakfast the other day.  He has been telling me about this place for a long time, and I’ve been itching to go.  This modern, but cozy little cafe sits at the edge of downtown Glen Ellyn.

On an absolutely gorgeous sunshiney day, we ventured over to this treasure, and decided to have breakfast.  It sits on a corner lot, and looks like it might be relatively small, but is actually extremely large, trendy, and bright on the inside.


imgresphotos take from Google

The hustle and bustle of the morning was crazy, and it was rather busy.  The espresso machines were hissing, and the whole place smelled like roasted coffee.  There is a small cooler in the front holding all sorts of delicious looking side dishes; classic potato salad, noodle dishes, and a variety of quinoa salads.  Everything is fresh, homemade and everything screams healthy.

The menu is small, and very appreciated.  I hate nothing more than going to a restaurant where the menu is so long and so overwhelming that I can’t decide.  Blackberry Market made it easy, and I was so happy they did.

Jeremy had the breakfast sandwich with the winter roasted veggies, and I chose to go with the caramelized onion and gouda grilled cheese.  The sandwich was hot and the cheese was goooey.  It came with a side salad, made with the Blackberry Market dressing.  The remaining dressing that came off the salad was the perfect.  This picture is my own…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It was a lovely day, a lovely meal, a lovely restaurant, and I think (how dare I even say it), a worthy contender for a new cafe hangout.  I can’t wait to go there, and have a cup of hot, steaming coffee, sit in the beautiful ambiance, and then read all the upcoming homework I’m going to have. Blackberry Market is never a bad choice.

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