not the worst valentines day.

Notoriously, I dislike Valentines Day. Like a lot. It has nothing to do with years of singledom, for which I have held a vendetta against the lacy Valentines Day cards, candies, and gooey love songs. I actually just can’t stand it. The only redeeming quality of Valentines Day is the conversation hearts, for which I eat by the pound.

However, I am dating a Valentines Day lover. He loves it. Everything about it. Our last two Valentines Days have been him trying to do something lovely and wonderful, and me scarping by trying to make whatever I have for him look like a thoughtful, well put together gift.

But this year, I was on it. This year I was prepared. I started planning my Valentines Day surprise for Jeremy in January. I worked every Tuesday night while he was in class. And it was fabulous.

I went with a five senses theme. I bought five small gifts, each labeled in a box with the appropriate sense on the outside. Parental advisory: not all the gifts were clean. For “hear” I bought him an itunes gift card. Jeremy lives music. For “see” a movies gift card, hoping it might be a perfect future date night. For “smell,” a lovely lemon verbena scented candle. For “taste,” a box full of chocolates. My man has a sweet tooth. And finally, for “touch,” I gave him an empty box with directions to come and find me. I may or may not have surprised him with a scandalous outfit. The entire gift was narrated with a homemade poem explaining each box and how I know it’s something he loves.

But, the ultimate kicker of my gift were the heart shaped streamers. I hung them all over the ceiling, and he was so surprised when he walked in. It was my pride and joy. Who doesn’t want to literally be surrounded by love?


No matter what, I will begrudgingly admit that it was fun to put together, and the reaction was worth every bit. So, I win this year for Valentines Day. The score stands Jeremy: 2, Jenni: 1. But he is ahead by a landslide in overall romance department.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day, with their someone special. And maybe next year, I’ll once again rise to the V-Day challenge.

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