homemade stock.

I have done it! I have wanted to always make my own chicken stock. It’s the bread and butter of all serious cooks. I really really wanted to try to make my own. And I’ve finally done it!

I’ve been saving chicken carcasses and pieces of chicken for months. Whenever we’ve had chicken, I’ve saved whatever I can. My freezer was looking like a chicken graveyard. And I decided to finally pull the trigger.

I added your usual flavor bases to my stock and let that baby simmer for a few hours.


Since I’ve never made stock before, I have to admit that when I drained it, I wasn’t too sure if it was the right color, but it tastes pretty good. So, I finally have a finished product. My first ever homemade chicken stock. I am very proud.


Stay tuned. This beautiful container of stock is going to make a beautiful, flavorful bowl of ramen in a few short days. Stay tuned for those photos, and flavor report.

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