my own broth ramen.

The momentous occasion has finally happened! I made my own broth, and I used it in my first meal.

I realize this is probably small dice to most of you, but it’s a step in a big direction for me. For a long time I’ve considered changing my career, and although I haven’t, continuing my culinary experiences has been a priority of mine. Making stock, and building from the culinary ground up has been a pursuit of mine.

So, I’ll spare you the ramen details and recipe (since it hasn’t changed from several posts ago) and just tell you that homemade makes the difference. Homemade broth is less salty, a little more hearty, and is easily controlled by your own personal flavor palette. I went classic, but there’s several ways to make stock.

Here is the photo to show you my personal triumph, but all I am doing today is bragging. A personal accomplishment only. And I’m happy to have you all be a part of it.


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