the false prince.

School has been going insane over The False Prince. I finally decided to pick it up, and indulge. With school being on for the last two weeks, reading time has been minimal. But I found the time to squeeze it in.

If you’re looking for a book with mystery, suspense, action, sword fighting, secret passage ways, deception, and big surprises, look no further. The False Prince is everything you’re looking for. The ending is a shocker. If I find some more spare time, I’d like to go on to the next two books.


The best part is, Jennifer Nielsen came to our school. I got to meet her. She is creative, excited and passionate. She was an amazing speaker and very motivational. There were several moments that I felt inspired and ready to challenge myself with stacks of empty lined paper.

As a former teacher, she knew how to talk to kids naturally. She led a writing session with some of the kids at school. I didn’t get to go, but I can only guess it was fantastic. I really enjoyed her visit, and made her books that much more enjoyable.

Happy reading.

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