the itch. 

The internal saga continues. Where do I take my life from here? The itch to follow my culinary dreams is back. I’ve been spending my day, when I’m not at work, listening to any food podcast I can. And when I’m not at work, I’m thinking about food. I have left my house everyday for the last three weeks-before work even starts-thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner, and getting excited. 

What is it I’m supposed to be doing? Anyone that thinks about garlic sauteeing in olive oil as much as I do clearly should be asking this question. I dream about food. I work out my weekly meals as a hobby. When I’m done making dinner, I think about all the things I could have changed, added, and what am I going to make tomorrow?

School is ending soon. It’s getting to that time when I need to start thinking about a summer job. My dream here: I would love to work for a local catering company. I’d chop vegetables, I’d wash dishes, I’d work on the websites (!) if I could just get an “in” someplace. I’d get a taste of this world, and a chance to be there. Maybe all my fantasizing about roasted vegetables will be put to good use. 

Yep, I’ve researched. I have some places in mind. How do I go about setting this in motion? Do I all, write, email? Do I stop in? I want this to happen, and happen the right way. If I don’t do this, at some point I’ll kick myself. 

Each time I go through this struggle, I get closer and closer to actually doing something about my passion for food, and my desire to be surrounded by it. This is one of the first times I’ve felt the seriousness behind my feelings. So, how do I do this? How does it happen? This time, I have to know. 

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