officially illinois. 

Today I took the leap. Today I have decided to assimilate my life fully into the place I live. Today I am taking a step forward with my life. Today I got my Illinois drivers license. 

I tried to go once before to get one, but there was an issue with my mail pieces. I was so angry about it, I resolved myself to hold out as long as possible until I absolutely had to do it. Well, that and I wasn’t sure what kind of living situation we’d be in after the mouse invasion of 2014/2015. But, my license expires next month. I know how ceazy my life can get, and since I had a day off today, I took advantage of it and went to get my license. 

You do have to take a written test, which I was actuLly a little nervous for. I did get one question wrong, but having little personal experience with car seats and booster seats, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. 

I posted a picture before, but Jeremy yelled at me. Know that the license is in my possession. I had a pretty decent picture, and the guy even shed three pounds for me (the only good thing I’ve yet to experience at a DMV). 

I am, officially, a resident of the great state of Illinois. 

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