field trip recovery. 

Today was the first day back to school in four days. So my team decided to have a field trip today. Now, whenever there is an extended period of time with no school, it always takes me a day to get reaclimated. I have no children. I have no noise at home. I have no one testing boundaries constantly. I have no one to feed, clean up after, or assist. 

Needless to say, it usually takes me a day, if not only to adjust to the decibel level of fourteen year olds. And today we went on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. Now, I love my job. I love kids. And I love teaching, but today was rough. 

I will spare the details and get straight to the point:

I am now sitting on my couch, drinking leftover wine, and enjoying the ambiance of my white tea and mint candle, and Gilmore Girls. I worked out, gave myself a facial, repainted my nails and exfoliated my hands. I would argue I am sufficiently ready to start the rest of the work week. 

Field trips in the city are stressful. I can conquer anything from now on. 

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