Today was 45 degrees.  Today the sun shone bright and warm on everyone.  Today was amazing.  There has been a deep freeze that stuck around like unwanted family members for the last few months.  It was time for it to go.  I dread my walk to my car in the morning.  I double dread bus duty.  The cold makes everything worse.  Why do I live here?

But today!  Today was wonderful.  I opened my screen door to our apartment, and let the lovely fresh air in.  It smells amazing in my house, and it just feels fresh.  It feels amazingly fresh.  No candle can do what fresh air can do.  It’s turned this entire week around.

I went out today to write a paper for class, and as I sat in the coffee shop, I realized that everyone has a wonderful spring in their step.  The town looked brighter, the trees didn’t look quite as bare.  The snow was melting, and the water looked refreshing.  It was a new day today.

Best part, folks!  The entire next week is supposed to be like this.  I can’t wait to wear my vest.  It’s beyond exciting.  Happy Sunny Saturdayday!

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