almond crusted tilapia. 

Bon Appetit came out with a podcast near the end of last year. At least, I’ve only discovered it recently, and in my excitement, I didn’t find any older episodes. I am so excited. It spurred an interest in the magazine and website for me (as if I need another cooking magazine in my house). But throughout my research I discovered their Recipe of the Day email. 

For the beginning of March they sent out an email with many recipes to try out. Easy March recipes! And I found a recipe for almond crusted trout, grits and sauteed swiss chard. Um, hello! I jumped right on that. 

Well, no trout at the store. Story of my life. So, I substituted for tilapia. I thought it would make a good trade-off, and I’ve worked with tilapia many times before. 

I took a little liberty with my grits, adding some butter and a little bit of parmesan cheese for extra creaminess. The tilapia was put in an egg wash, and then crusted with chopped almonds. Otherwise, it was shallots and swiss chard sauteed with a squeeze of lemon. There is something about sauteed greens with lemon. It might be one of my favorite things to eat. But the fish was flaky, the grits were velvety, and the chard crisp. An overall healthy and light dinner. 

Because it was so hethy and wonderful, I splurged a little on dessert and got a piece of tiramisu for Jeremy, and a piece of Death By Chocolate cake for me. 

So happy, healthy Tuesday! It was nice to be back in my kitchen and cooking. 

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