i got it; the interview.

A couple Fridays ago my school put on a small session for the paraprofessionals of the district.  It was a valiant attempt to help us all get hired, and be in our own classroom someday.  Since my district hires parapros only if they have their teaching license, it is a great idea, and really helpful for these people.  Parapros are usually teachers right out of college.  They often need some experience, and find it this way.  I have the luxury of being a former classroom teacher, just my circumstances put me in the position to take a small step backward for the year.

However, after this session, I realized that the job search is starting now!  I logged on to check it out one day as I sat there watching kids take tests.  And there it was; 8th grade English teaching in a neighboring school district. This school has a pretty decent reputation, and I leaped on it.  I was in my principal’s office almost immediately telling him I want the job.  I got really excited and really enthusiastic about my prospects.

And then when I got home to start on my resume, I realized it was a long term sub position for the remainder of the year.  Heart sank.  That doesn’t really help me, and it forces me to give up this job for next year, which could potentially lead to problems if I can’t find myself a full time gig.  Decisions, decisions.  After talking to a few people about my choice, I decided that nothing ventured, nothing gained, and went ahead and applied anyway.

Today, the pay off came.  Today I got called for an interview.  I am beyond excited.  So, this Wednesday I have an interview for a teaching position.  I have my fingers crossed.  I’m very nervous, but equally excited, and I’m hoping things turn out well.  Maybe…once again…my own classroom.

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