a toda madre. 

Because of my new job, J and I decided to go out and celebrate. There’s a new restaurant in Glen Ellyn called A Toda Madre. We decided to go. 


 It sits on the corner where a cute little coffee shop used to be, and I have to say, I love what they’ve done with the place. The colors are bright and fun. The chandeliers look homemade. There’s a little bungalow style seating area that a community of people can eat together. They have a cute roll paper menu that displays the specials of the day, and a cute wall of mirrors heading back to the back seating area. 

It was so much fun. It has it’s own little theme too. The food is made to order, so it has a small plates feel. You can order whatever you like, but expect it to come out at any time, and maybe oht of order. It’s like a surprise every time something turns up on your table. I loved it. 

I ordered myself the traditional margarita. Finally, a place that doesn’t use the mix!  This, my friends, is how margaritas should be done. It was fabulous.  


And for food, we ordered some tacos. We got shrimp tacos that were spicy and crunchy. We also got some fried fish tacos that were crispy and fresh. The food was out of this world. 



I will admit, the bill was a little expensive, but you can absolutely certain the food was fresh. There was no beating it. The atmosphere is upbeat and comfortably crowded. You truly feel like you are downtown Chocago, but when you walk out, are close to home. It was a great experience, and a fabulous way for J and I to celebrate. 

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