oliveless martini bar.

I have been going out of my mind.  It’s the week before Spring Break at school.  I’ll let you imagine for a moment what the kids are like.  School has started again, and I’m on class two.  It’s been busy finishing up class one, and starting class two.  I’m also starting my new job.  I’ve been trying desperately to reach out to the HR lady at my new school, with no success.  I have a bunch of paperwork to fill out and things that need to be done!  And there is a wedding coming up that I’m going to in Texas, and I’m trying to coordinate with my friends to keep costs down, and be organized before we get there.  And it’s my brother’s birthday this weekend, so I’m trying to work out with my mom what to get him, and when I’m coming home.  Of course she has a million things planned for me this weekend as well…because I don’t have enough to do.

So…I’ve been going out of my mind.  When I came home today, after running some unnecessary errands I stress cleaned the entire house.  I scrubbed the floors, I moved everything off the counters and washed them.  I even cleaned the little trays in my god awful electric stove.  I hate those things.  I was seriously stress cleaning, trying to work out all the worry so that my mind doesn’t explode from my brain and go curl up in the corner and hide.

Well, J brought home pizza (I’ve been stress eating too), and made me a martini.  And in the classic situation, he made it and then checked the fridge for olives, and there are none.  Now, who am I to turn down a martini, oliveless or not?  I’m not, especially now.  I literally was so wound up I couldn’t sit down.   Folks, I’m telling you, if you get anxiety like this, have a martini (olives do not matter).  I am now sitting on the couch, writing in my blog, and laughing myself silly at Lewis Black’s “In God we Rust” comedy performance.  The day has turned out well.  Thank goodness for Jeremy.  He is the best.

Happy Martini Thursday, everyone.  Drink up!

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