spring break working.

Spring break is meant to be a time to let your hair back, to let go, to have fun, to relax…I can go on.  My spring break is being spent working.  Lots and lots of working.

First, I’m trying to find myself a summer job.  I need a summer job.  I’ve spent two days applying all over the place.  I’m hoping something turns out for me.  School is going to end sooner than I think, and with it being my first summer in Illinois, I need to try to find something to do while I’m here.

Second, my new job starts after break.  I met with the teacher I’m filling in for, and I met with the principal and all the HR people I needed to.  I’ve got the scoop, so to speak, and am both ready and excited to start this new job.  I feel like the teacher I’m stepping in for is really great.  She seems to trust me already, after just one meeting.  She knows I can do a great job, and has really just given me “free reign” over her classroom.  When I say this, I mean she is giving me the bare bones curriculum, and letting me take it where ever I feel like it needs to go.  I’m excited about that.  I’m fortunate to come across teachers so trustworthy and so motivated in my field.  I’m happy to be her sub, and excited to rise to the challenge.

But, this means I’ve been spending my entire break reading, preparing, and writing lessons.  I’m thrilled.  And what a better unit to come in on than comedy.  I’m pretty stoked for that.

So, spring break hasn’t been as relaxing as I wanted it to be, but I have been so productive.  I’ve been working out, like really working out, and doing everything I need to do to be ready for summer, this job, and everything from here on out.  I’m excited, but worried that these next few months are going to be really hard without a real break.  At least I’ve got my good eats to keep me going.  Happy Spring Break everyone!


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