oh, hey again. 

Confession: It’s been over two weeks since my last blog post. 

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Yikes, I feel like I’ve been gone forever! So here are the updates:

School: I am loving my new job. Granted it’ll be over in a few weeks, but this has been amazing. I truly forgot what it feels like to have my own classroom and call my own shots. I’m having a great time. This school is really very special, and I’m going to be sad to leave. 

Summer Job: acquired. I got hired bartending and serving at the Standard Market Grill in Naperville. It’s a far cry from what I wanted, but the manager there seemed super receptive to my back-of-the-house aspirations. I’m really excited to start. 

J: Things have been great between us. It was my birthday last week and he was the nicest man ever. He bought me the most beautiful flowers, and a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings. I had lost the pair my grandpa gave me when I was born and was truly devistated. Like, I cried and everything. I still feel pangs of guilt now and then when I think about it. But J, ever so thoughtful, tried his best to replace them for me. It was really so sweet. 

And how did I reward Mr Wonderful? By making a beautiful mussel dish for my birthday. And because of it, we have truly discovered that the love of my life is allergic to them. He was up all night on the toilet. I wont go into details, but this is the second time it’s happened. I think when you’re two for two, it’s safe to say you can’t eat them anymore. So he was so sweet, and I got him sick. What a fabulous birthday. Haha. 

But for real, things have been so amazing lately. School is awesome, the class I’m taking is going really well, I have future employment, and bliss (and our roommate) has returned to out home. Things have been great. 

If I only had time to write more…

Here’s some of the past two weeks, highlight reel:

  girl’s night!

  birthday mussels/death mussles

  birthday flowers

  my first solo grill experience

  homemade cranberry and dark chocolate biscotti. 

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