the good wife.

J and I have started watching “The Good Wife” on Hulu.  Oh my god.  I’m completely obsessed.  We are loving it.  First of all, I don’t know when this starts back up again on TV, but I wouldn’t miss an episode.

First of all, the cast of characters is amazing.  I’m loving all the fabulous actors that are on this show.  Besides the compelling storylines, you want to watch the next episode to see who may be in that episode.  It’s amazing.

Alicia Florrick is a great character.  She’s the prefect mix of tough girl, sensitive type, work-a-holic, great mom, and all the while struggling with the right thing to do for her, and everyone around her.  I can relate to her ability to channel all of her frustration and anger, and bury herself in work to distract herself.  I can relate to her empathy for others, and her ability to connect with them on tough matters.

I also just looked it up on IMDB to learn how to spell her name, and I just discovered there are six seasons.  What is happening?  I don’t know if my Hulu only has the one season, but I have to find a way to see them all.  I am bound and determined.  I am so happy to have found something I can watch at night.  My life has been out of control busy.  I’ve been working for fifteen days straight, and sitting down for my one hour TV every night has been a luxury that I love.  So thank you, Good Wife, for making my life just a little better.

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