hello world.

Instead of giving you the run down of where I’ve been, let’s skip all that, and just trust that my life has been a roller coaster.  I’ve been working my butt off this summer, and getting ready for the school year this year, and some very exciting news I will divulge soon.

But anyway, today was the first day of school for me.  I am back at it, teaching seventh grade English.  After my stint doing my long term substitute teaching for a maternity leave, the school hired me full time.  I am beyond excited.  I feel so strongly that I am in a place that I am going to not only love, but be in for a very long time.  Teaching in Itasca School District 10 is an amazing experience.  My long term sub job was such a fabulous experience, and I can’t wait to be here all year.  I feel welcomed, I feel like I fit in, I feel like I am part of a family.  Just listening to the speakers today, and the beginning of the year events, and I could not be more excited.

I have spent part of my summer getting my room ready.  It’s no where near ready, but when it is, I promise to post pictures.  Pinterest has been my best friend for this year, and I have loved making all the crafts for my room.  Keep your eyes peeled for pictures, once it’s all ready to go (at this point, it feels like that might be December…but hopefully soon).

Needless to say, working all summer, getting my classroom ready and “shopping” around for some amazing new life changes has kept me completely out of the loop all summer.  I’m sorry, but please know, I’m back everyone!  Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new updates in my life.

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