the big news.

Well folks, here’s the big news!

My wonderful boyfriend and I bought a house!  Well, actually, I bought a house, but we are planning to build a wonderful life together in it.  We are beyond excited.  The packing has begun, and the painting is about to start!


So, this is why I’ve been absent.  Searching for houses, starting a new job, going through all the motions of getting this house, and now we are about to start all kinds of renovations and repairs.  I’m very excited to start that whole process, and share some of that with you, too.

Our first hurdle in this home buying quest is some of age related issues in the house.  Our house was built in 1951, and throughout the years, there have been many layers of paint caked on the walls.  The latest owners decided that the best practice for painting was more is more.  We are finding that our baseboards and wood trim in the house is beyond being salvaged.  Huge gobs of paint and gunk have been built up for the last thirty years.  I’m afraid a fresh coat of paint will just make it look freshly gunked up, and gross.  So, we are looking at some pricing, possibly room by room for new baseboards and trim.

We’re probably going to start with the living room.  I promise to post some pictures soon.  I haven’t had a chance yet, as we’ve been doing some serious cleaning right now.  But I promise to keep you all updated on all our renovations.  I’m so excited to start!  I’ve always dreamed of putting together my own home.

So there’s the news!  Sorry for my absence.  But there will be soooo much more to come.

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