bye, bye baseboards.

Today was our first real day working on the house.  Like, really working on the house.  My parents came down to see the house for the first time.  They were really excited about it, and they definitely put me to work.  We spent all this morning cleaning out the refrigerator.  It seems like a meaningless task, but I could promise that it hasn’t been done in several years.

There was mold growing in between the pieces of the interior of the refrigerator.  It was really pretty nasty.  My mother and I scrubbed and scrubbed.  At least now, the first time I go grocery shopping, my groceries will go in a squeaky clean fridge.  And we cleaned behind the fridge, on the walls, and half the kitchen is wonderful.

The second half of the day was spent doing the real work.  I wanted to tear off the baseboards and throw them out.  Fifty years of caked on paint was not doing it for me.  For $.89 a foot at Home Depot, it was cheeper to just buy new baseboards for the room than strip them down and repaint them.  So, we went to buy new baseboards today.

While there, we also bought paint and all the accessories needed to paint, and all kinds of things we needed to spruce up the living room.  This week we are going to be painting and attaching new baseboards and the living room and kitchen will are going to be fresh and wonderful.  New coats of paint in two rooms of the home, and on our way to great new renovations in the kitchen as well.

Here are some great pictures for you to gaze at.  The more work we do, the more pictures I’ll post. These will mostly be of the living room, but here’s the goods.  Happy to be a homeowner!

IMG_3961tearing off the baseboards!

holy moly, what a project this will be.

my darling working hard, while I’m shooting photos

the drywall doesn’t even go to the floor…this house is sort of a mystery to me.

and this is the best photo of them all.  There was a make-shit outlet on this wall, and we had to remove it.  Underneath we can see the original color of the baseboards in the house.  When we went to the store to buy the new baseboards, we took a sample of this with us, and I was actually able to peel back years of paint.  I’m sure there were at least five layers I could visibly see.  However, mint green might as well be the best one.

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