new year, new you. 

The cliches have begun! And yet, each year I believe them more and more. This is the year I’m going to turn it around (as I’ve said so many years before), this is the year I lose that unnecessary weight, and this is the year I embrace myself, and discover all the things about myself I’ve never let come out before. 

But truly, this time I mean it. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not ok with my body. It’s become a burden, and I want it gone. Three years ago I bought myself a pair of leather leggings-the fabulous, chic and so super trendy leather leggings. They no longer fit. All I want is to wear them again. I actually love them. And nights out in the city are calling their name. I hung them up on a hanger in my room and there they hang. I got rid of the bad food in my house, and have been making a super conscious effort. I went to the gym every day already. It’s going to happen this year. 
And then, my realization that I need to be more in tune with myself is a serious one. J is taking a job that he’s travelling a lot for, and I’m gone to be left alone. Normally he’s here to entertain me, but I’m going to be all alone. I feel like this is such a great time to get in touch with myself a little more. What am I into? I feel like I’ve spent so many years trying to get through school, get a job, and not enough time finding out who I am. I think 2016 is such a great time to find that out. It can only make all J and I havr goin’ on all that more special!


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