free cinnamon rolls. 

I’m sitting and one of my favorite coffee shops right now. Blackberry Market has a special going on today where they are giving away free cinnamon rolls. There’s not a person in the world-spare an allergy-who wouldn’t love these things. I made a special trip in today just to get one. And I used this time to get some grading done. The end of the quarter is near, and I want to get a jump start so I don’t spend hours after school. 

But I’m sitting here having a hard time concentrating. I’m sitting at the window (because it’s packed) and it’s a little cold. Snowflakes have started to fall outside. And the street outside is bustling with people dropping in to get their roll. I can’t really look away. It’s slightly picturesque, but things are nagging at me in the back of my mind. 
J and I were talking about some health stuff today. I finally decided it was time to find a dentist. It’s only been about a year since I’ve gone, but that nags at me. And after I got that all set up and made my appointment, I started thinking about how much work it is to really take care of yourself. After years and years of swimming my shoulder is kind of messed up. Lately, since I’ve been going back to the gym, it’s been giving me troubles. And I miss doing my yoga so much. It’s all just swimming around in my brain, and I can’t concentrate on my work right now. 
How is it we can make our lives easier on ourselves? What do we have to do? I’m feeling a little overwhelmed actually thinking about it. And where do we find the time? That’s the biggest question. 
One day at a time, Jenni. But at least I got my cinnamon roll today.  

cinnamon roll not pictured. see empty wrapper behind coffee mug–eaten way too fast.  

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