Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily routines.  You go to work, put your head down and try your best.  With teaching, it’s easy to forget to breathe some days.  This entire year I have been working so hard to try to rebuild a curriculum that was only built for one teacher.  With the addition of a second language teacher, the process has been difficult.  Sometimes older dog’s don’t really learn new tricks.

But I’ve been giving it my all, and trying to reinvent an old, stale curriculum.  And most days I go home feel slightly defeated, very tired, and almost always like I’m never doing enough.  Our new principal gave all the new teachers to the district an assignment to go into each other’s classrooms and observe each other’s practices.  And today we met and shared out what we saw.

I’m a very open book about my classroom.  I believe in collaboration; the more the merrier.  So most of the new teachers came to my room to observe me.  I have never in my life felt so humbled by the things my colleagues said about me.  It was compliment after compliment, and it was so gratifying and reassuring to hear such wonderful things.  Getting lost in the commotion can sometimes force you to lose sight of yourself, but today really reassured me that the things I am doing are good things for kids.

And this isn’t Jenni brag-fest.  This is truly a heartfelt thank you to all those lovely people who make my job a fun place to be, who are also great teachers, and who challenge and push me everyday.  It’s a thank you to them for feeling that I do a good job, and seeing in me what I so often fail to see in myself.  I am so very proud of myself, and the building I work in.

Take a minute out of your day to compliment someone on a job well done.  It has turned my entire week around, and given me an energy boost I very desperately needed at this point in the year.  Acknowledge those around you who do good work, who brighten your day, and who inspire you.  It will make their day; take it from me.


Thank you, to all those lovely teachers.

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