what is cooking?

I was listening to the Bon Apetite Foodcast today, and they were interviewing David Tamarkin about his January resolution to cook all his meals for the entirw month from scratch. Of course I’m intrigued. And in true foodie form, he has been posting his meals on Instagram for the viewing public. However, he stated he was often criticized for his cooking, and people left him comments about the food he was making amd how it wasn’t cooking. 

He took to Twitter asking people what their definition of cooking was. I’m fascinated by this question. He said that he often would breeze by breakfast and lunch without a problem, but dinner would often stress him out. I’m in the same boat with him. Why is it that we always stress ourselves out about what to serve for dinner? Being a single woman (in marital status only) I don’t feel that there should be all this pressure. Dinner is typically the family meal in American tradition, but in terms of health beneficial meals, it tends to fall to the bottom. Breakfast and lunch are the meals that fuel us thoughout the day. 

Over all I find the question of “what is cooking?” extremely interesting. It’s a question I have been asking of myself this year as wellas I start this 2016 health journey. I’m curious to know what you all think. And what is all the stress about dinner? I want an answer to that too. Let’s hear your thoughts!

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