sunday morning silliness. 

J and I have decided to do a 90 day no drinking cleanse. Why we decided to do it is still a mystery to me. School has been chaotic, J’s work is picking up, and the nightly glass of wine to relax and decompress has been greatly missed. 

However, after a bad day together yesterday, we agreed to allow ourselves a night to go out to dinner and enjoy a cocktail. And it was great. We had a very nice night out together, and enjoyed a refreshing beer while we were out. And this morning I feel rejuvinated and refreshed. It was much needed. 

And the best part about today is that J made breakfast, we sat on the couch and we just laughed all morning. My belly is aching from laughing. I think sometimes when we get caught in the game of trying to better ourselves and stick to our resolutions, we forget we still have a life to live beside that. It started out as a pretty rough weekend, and turned out to be a great one. 

Sometimes we just have to let ourselves live a little. Thanks, J, for helping me come back to life. 

 the breakfast remnants.  yum. 

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