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family dinner. 

My parents and my brother came down tonight to have dinner with J and me. My parents have been here before, but this was my brother’s first visit. I was really excited to host them. They don’t always visit much, … Continue reading

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sunday morning silliness. 

J and I have decided to do a 90 day no drinking cleanse. Why we decided to do it is still a mystery to me. School has been chaotic, J’s work is picking up, and the nightly glass of wine … Continue reading

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what is cooking?

I was listening to the Bon Apetite Foodcast today, and they were interviewing David Tamarkin about his January resolution to cook all his meals for the entirw month from scratch. Of course I’m intrigued. And in true foodie form, he … Continue reading

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baby shower. 

My friend Jacqie is pregnant, and all my girls and I are so excited. My girlfriend Andrea, along with Jacqie’s work friend, Morgan were asked to host. Andrea and I got together for some planning, shopping and crafting though.  Jacqie … Continue reading

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the saturday manicure. 

There comes a time in every woman’s life where they need to stop, take a break and relax. These moments seem to be coming every two to three weeks for me. My favorite activity to help me decompress, calm down, … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily routines.  You go to work, put your head down and try your best.  With teaching, it’s easy to forget to breathe some days.  This entire year I have been working … Continue reading

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free cinnamon rolls. 

I’m sitting and one of my favorite coffee shops right now. Blackberry Market has a special going on today where they are giving away free cinnamon rolls. There’s not a person in the world-spare an allergy-who wouldn’t love these things. … Continue reading

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